Aika Transfer Guide and E-mail Verification Tips

  • July 12, 2023

Step 1: Getting to the transfer page

Open internet browser (preferably Firefox, IE, Chrome) then visit this URL or simply click this transfer image also located in T3fun’s homepage.

Or if you’re coming from gPotato’s site, visit

Step 2: T3fun Account Selection/Creation

You will then be redirected to this page

For T3fun account holders, click Login T3fun.

For non T3fun account holders, click Sign up T3fun.

Important reminder on signing up for a new account:

–          Enter your real personal information (Birthdate, Name, etc.)

–          It doesn’t really require you to use the information on your gPotato account when signing up for a new T3fun account.

–          E-mail address should be 15 characters or shorter (not including the domain) and it is advisable to use common mail service providers like yahoo or gmail.

–          If you didn’t receive the verification mail, please do check your junk/spam folder.

–      Certain e-mail providers may not able to receive the verification mail (e.g. AOL)

–          Make sure you have clicked “check availability” first for the three categories before proceeding. It should look like this:

Step 3: Entering the account you want to transfer

As soon as you’ve created your T3fun account and finished verification, logout first then re-visit the transfer page This time, select Login T3fun and login with your newly registered account. After logging in successfully, you’ll reach a new page that looks like this.

On this page, enter your registered gPotato ID and Password that you want to transfer.

Important note from gPotato:

–          If you recently changed your password please wait until the next maintenance to try again. Also please carefully type your password. If you have issues after next Wednesday please let us know by quoting your original post in this thread. You can also try resetting your gala-net password as this has been a reported solution.

As the system finishes verifying your account, you should receive a message that looks like this:

Step 4: Re-verifying the Account

After clicking ok, you should reach this page stating that you need to verify the account once more to complete the transfer process.

After clicking the verification link from your T3fun registered e-mail, this should redirect you to this page:

Step 5: Double check the transfer

Re-do step 3, if the transfer was properly conducted, you should receive this message.

Should there be any questions or concerns, please do send us an e-mail at We’ll certainly do our best to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible!

Thank you!

T3fun Management