Pokemon Go Teleport Hack App: How to Teleport in Pokemon Go

  • August 7, 2023

If you’re a regular user of Pokemon Go, you’d be aware that trying the Pokemon Go teleport hack to alter the GPS location can grant you more Pokemon. Unfortunately, doing so can also ban your Pokemon Go, given that you’ve used the vulnerable Pokemon Go Teleport App.

To help you learn how to teleport in Pokemon Go without getting your account banned, we’ve devised insightful ways to serve your purpose.

Part 1. Best Pokemon Go teleport hack app free download to teleport safely in Pokemon Go

Finding an appropriate Pokemon Go Teleport App that can help you change your GPS location without getting your account banned is difficult. Fortunately, iGPSGo ios location changer has other ideas allowing you to teleport in Pokemon Go safely.

iGPSGo Pokemon Go Teleport Hack Features

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple devices control
  • Simulate GPS Movement
  • Alter GPS location on Android/ iPhone
  • Offers the GPS joystick Mode
  • 100% safe to use
  • Doesn’t make your data vulnerable

Here’s how to Teleport in Pokemon Go via iGPSGo

Step 1:

Launch the iGPSGo and tap on the ”Start” icon.

Step 2:

After entering the app’s main interface, you must connect the Android or iOS device to the PC.

igpsgo connect

Step 3:

Once the device is connected to the PC, tap the ”Teleport Mode” to see the current location.

pokemon go teleport hack

Step 4:

You can select the desired location after hitting the Search button

Part 2. Best place to teleport in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is surely one of the exciting games that allow you to change the location and pretend to be sitting in the selected location.

Aiming to teleport in Pokemon Go to get more benefits is common. But what are the best places to Teleport in Pokemon?

Some of the best places you can teleport in Pokemon Go are Colosseum, Italy.

  • Circular Quay: Sydney
  • Pier 39, USA
  • Millennium Park, USA
  • Santa Monica Pier, United States
  • Big Nen, UK

Part 3. How to teleport in Pokemon go with PGsharp

PGsharp is another terrific way to fake your location on Pokemon Go. Changing the GPS location in PGsharp is tricky as you’ve had to put in a lot of hard yards to install the gaming platform.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to teleport in Pokemon Go via Pgsharp.

Step 1:

You need to create the PTC account to get the PGsharp app installed. You can install the app in two versions, including the paid or free versions. You can gather the step-by-step guidelines after visiting the official website to know how to install the PGsharp.

Step 2:

After installing the app, you’ll need to sign up, and you must not enter the Google account information as it won’t work. After logging in with the Pokemon Go account, you can decide which location to go to. Now, you can explore different locations and rely upon the app’s joystick features to roam around.

Part 4. How many times can you teleport in Pokemon Go

There is no daily limit to Teleport in Pokemon Go, but you should be mindful of the activities to prevent your Pokemon Go account from getting shadowbanned. For instance, regardless of how often you change the location on Pokemon Go, you must keep track of closing time to wait for the cooldown.

It is recommended to teleport in Pokemon only a couple of times a day, as otherwise, Pokemon Go might detect your movement and can ban your account for some time.

Part 5. Tips for teleporting safely in pokemon go without getting banned

You must remember some tips while changing the location in Pokemon Go through the Pokemon Go Teleport App.

  1. Respect Cooldown Time

You must respect the cool-down rule to prevent getting banned from Pokemon. It implies you must wait a while to use the Pokemon Game after changing the location.

  1. Enable Airplane Mode

Pokemon Go won’t be able to track your movement provided you’ve turned on the Airplane mode. To do it, it is important to shut down the Pokemon completely in the first place.

  1. Log out Pokemon

Logging out the Pokemon is most recommended before teleporting the Pokemon. Doing so won’t notify the Pokemon that you’re changing the location Mysteriously.

  1. No 100% Guarantee

You must know that regardless of your precautions, you can’t protect the Pokemon Go account from getting banned, as nothing is guaranteed. Thus, you shouldn’t change the GPS location on Pokemon excessively and try playing safe to avoid getting banned from Pokemon Go.

Part 6. Why do players need to teleport safely in Pokemon Go

Millions of players tend to teleport in Pokemon Go to get more Pokemons. But what is the benefit of changing the location if your account gets banned? That’s why Pokemon Go players must teleport safely to stop Pokemon Go from banning the account for a few days.


Knowing how to teleport in Pokemon Go has become fairly effortless courtesy of the brilliant guide.

We have listed all the useful things you must know about before teleporting to Pokemon Go. Opting for the best Pokomon Go Teleport always helps you change the GPS location; for that matter, we’ve recommended the iGPSGo.