Grand Mer Sample Image

GRAND MER is the world’s first online Saltwater Fishing game that invites players to experience
the excitement of struggling with and catching enormous fish, some of which can reach over 26 feet in length!

In Grand Mer, you will be able to:

– Select from several unique characters, customize them and further develop their fishing skills
– Travel the world by selecting from several exciting maps, ranging from icy cold waters to tropical paradises
– Fish at your leisure, compete individually or in a team (customizing the rules for that match), play a Tour and complete
mission objectives or enter a Championship and test your skills against the very best!
– Experience dynamic fishing with shoals of fish reacting to weather, location, time and more
– Customize your gear such as fishing rods, lures and your own custom made boat!
– Keep track of your favorite fish in your own aquarium and earn special rewards for catching specific fish
(will you catch the elusive and dangerous great white shark?)

Enter a unique and colorful world. Experience the fun and excitement of fishing from the comfort of your home. Coming Soon!