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The Global Experience: CBT and Service-Related Ann

Dear AIKA Global Community,


T3Fun, brainchild of Hanbitsoft – developer and publisher of AIKA Global, aims to provide you with the best customer service every game developer/publisher dreams of. We have assigned exclusive GMs for each Nation running 24/7, we’re confident to bring speedy responses to queries and in-game assistance to our beloved gamers. We will also provide you with latest updates and bug fixes to let you experience the best gaming environment.


And because of our intentions to maintain fair gameplay for all, we’d also like to inform everyone of our 100% stand against in-game gold sellers and botters. All those found guilty doing these offenses will be banned permanently while those breaking other rules will be sanctioned accordingly.


If you have any suggestions on how else we can improve our services, please do not hesitate to email us at


Also, please be informed that due to an existing partnership between Hanbitsoft and local publishers, the IPs of the following countries will be blocked from accessing AIKA Global: United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Russia. Those living in countries not listed here are more than welcome to stay as soon as our servers are up.


Thank you and see you all on CBT!




At your service,


T3Fun Team