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Aika Global Military Academy to Community Marshall
Attention All Elters and Applicants!

Please be informed that due to public demand, we decided to change the Aika Global 
Military Academy System to a Community Marshall or CM. Moreover, we are still 
looking for 30 more in-game volunteers to be “Community Marshalls” to be assigned in 
different Nations. All remaining senators will be absorbed and we are still looking 
for more aspiring “Community Marshall” until we meet the required CMs. 
We need 6 more Community Marshalls that will be deployed at different Nations. 

Community Marshall Recruitment

If you have the guts and love a good challenge then this might be a suitable job for you.
If you think you have the power to make the community alive then send your applications now! 

What is a Community Marshall?

Community Marshalls will be the right hand man of the Aika Global Team in terms of managing 
the community. Community Marshalls will be gathering the concerns of the players from their 
assigned region as well as being a helping arm between the administration and those that are 
non-English players. 

• Above average English (verbal and written) 
• Knowledgeable of social media relations. 
• In-game knowledge and Social ability 
• Must be an "Internet Savvy"  person
• Good analytical thinking
• Dedicated to his work schedule
• Must be emotionally and mentally prepared (for the task to be given)
• Must have a character level 40 and above 


Interested applicants must write an essay about yourself and the details below must be included in your essay.

• Main Character Name and Level
• Country
• Nation wanted to be assign at
• Permanent Availability time of work
• Legion (if any)
• For how long do you play Aika Global?
• Average time spent on playing the game?
• Average time you’re willing to spend on blogs/forum and other social networks.
• What can you contribute to the community?
• Why do you think that you should have the job?

Email it to: 

Qualified applicants will receive an e-mail regarding their application prior to their first 
day of work. Procedures on how to proceed further will be included in the e-mail.

Rewards and Benefits:

Weekly Salary:

• 300pcs HP Potion
• 300pcs Mana Potion
• 500k Gold

Monthly Salary

• 40k Tcoins
• Special Character Account
• Plus Perfect Attendance Reward 

Community Marshall Task

In-Game News Respondent:

• They will gather any in-game news that they feel is newsworthy.
• These news articles will be posted at their blogs and simultaneously updated 
with their social network accounts, Aika forum and any local web site.
• They should gather at least 3 stories every week, consisting of 1 head line and 2 side stories.
• The statement should be not biased and should not favor any players. Also avoid racist statement. The story should be fair and all sides of the story must be considered.

Informative in-game guide and tips:

• Every week they should update their blog with tips and guides on how to help players with their journey/ quest inside the game.
• Guide and tips should be clear and with full details. Also we are recommending using images and videos to further help the reader understand the guide written. 

In-game guide and helper:

• Every CM should be online with their CM character to address in-game concern of any players at Regenshein.
• They are required to be online at least 3 hours/day.
• Lead dungeon runs (Ursula Temple/Evgenia Lower and Upper/L’enfer Mines)
• Participate in inter-community battles (via Battlegrounds once available)
• Implement GM made mini-events.
• CM should be approachable and willing to answer and guide players with their questions. They can also use this time to gather information for their In-game news articles.

Community Marshall Rules and Regulation:

• CM accounts are only used as In-game guide, assist players and conduct interviews. Avoid using any vulgar, obscene and racist words while using the CM account. CM account should be a role model. Also refrain from removing any equipment from the CM character, trade any CM character item and use it in an item combination process.  Any abusing act using the CM account will merit a proper sanction.
• Blogs and social network accounts are monitored daily. In case blogs are not updated regularly, The CM will be subjected for possible termination.
• There will be monthly evaluations and any signs of non-performance of their respected duties will be subjected for termination.
• CMs accounts will be locked during Off-hours to avoid unnecessary use of accounts for personal benefits.
• For authorized absences, please be reminded that you need to send a notice to, failure to send a notice of absence will be considered automatically as 1 absent. 
• A Cm with 3 consecutive absences without approval from any GMs will automatically be terminated.
• Community Marshall has a privilege to choose their permanent availability time of work
• An Academy Marshall can have one day off per week. Send requests to 

* There will be two interviews in total, initial interview and final interview. You will be notified if you passed.
* Acceptance of applications will be until November 25, 2010.
* We will announce the schedule of interviews on November 26, 2101
* There is no need to for applicants to send another application if you have submitted prior to this notice.  
* New system will start December 6, 2010.

Thank you!
Aika Global Team