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Attention New WYDians!
Welcome WYDians!!!

We are glad you've made a new account here in T3Fun. For that, unlimited quests and exciting events awaits you here in WYD Global. Thousand of players, new and old, are waiting for you in-game to help and teach you about the basics of this game:

  • Wide array of characters to choose from. Starting off with your Mortal Character, you can choose between 4 different classes with unique builds. Then create more powerful characters with dynamic features and inherited skills.
  • More weapons and armors. Wear a Noob Set or hunt for powerful items, then upgrade, combine or paint them for a classy look.
  • Citizenship. Choose and register your citizenship, and gain more Experience Points and Drop Rate.
  • CC-Mode System. Where you can hunt while you are at school, work or even in shopping mall.
  • Interactive Community. Join an Academy or Guild and meet other players who can help you on achieving your quests. Post on Forum or search thru our list of Blog Links for daily tips and news.
  • PvP / War. Train yourself by Challenging others, and prepare to battle out on the Weekly Wars.
  • Mount System. Hatching an egg until it grows to an adult mount which will increase your characters' Stats.
  • Q&A Section. Ask questions, send comments and suggestions, or greet our GMs and they will reply ASAP.

We are excited to have you in-game as one of our beloved WYDians. Keep on playing here and may the blessing of Sephira be with you.

T3Fun Team