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Attention All New Breed of Elters!
Hello New Breed of Elters!

For those new player who doesn't know much about the game yet, we are here to inform 
you that there are ways were you can level up fast and get some useful staff. We also 
want you to try our new system and game update were you can get some benefits:

- Recommended Nation - new system
- New Level Cap to 60
- New Classes
- New Skills 
- New Maps
- New Weapon and Armors

Importance Notice: Recommended Nation will randomly change in 5 different nations 
weekly, starting November 18, 2010; after server maintenance. This system change to give
chance other player to experience the benefits of this wonderful game system.

But, Not only that! Here's more!

We added new Set of items were you can use on your daily journey.

- New set of Armors and weapons that will last for 30 days for low cost
- New set of Costumes for your sidekick Pran

For more details please visit the following link:

Recommended Nation: 

New Set of Armors and Weapon [30 Days]: 

Thank you!

T3Fun Team