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[Aika] Game update: Level 70 cap
Greetings Elters!
The most anticipated update has finally arrived..
AIKA Global proudly presents..

Termes: Tower of Giovanni

(Level 70 Update)


1. What's New?

Level 70 Cap Limit


- Level cap will increase from the current 60 to 70.
- You will receive 12 status points when you reach level 61.
- 2 status points will be received when you reach level 62 onwards.
- 2 skill points will be given per level advancement.


New areas, monsters and Quests


- Termes will now be accessible via forest of ungor and lump of ashwood
- Over 80 new story quests added
- New monsters and environmental damage now in effect


Added new Skills for each class


- 3 new skills will be available in fourth tier.
- Level 61 active skill, level 65 passive skill and level 69 active skill.


Level 64 Normal, Superior equipments added


- Level 64 equipments can now be crafted from the anvil.
- Equipments crafted have a chance to become superior gears.


► Level 65 Honor gears added


- Level 65 equipments can now be purchased from Honor dealers.
- New honor accessories also available.


2. Equipment and New Skill Introductions


* Gladiator *


Equipments: <Heiliger Sword/Ogon Armor>


Deadly Charge * Level 61 active skill

Viciously charges target within 12 meters dealing 1046 physical damage to target and enemies within 4 meter radius. Decreases move speed by 22 and critical resistance by 7 for 6 seconds.


Battle Instinct * Level 65 passive skill

Combat awareness decreases damage taken from area attacks by 32% and increases critical attack rate by 2.


Master of Sword * Level 69 active skill

Cuts through armor to reduce target’s defense by 52% and increase critical damage by 33%. MP recovery stops while activated and MP decreases by 8 per second. Skill deactivates when MP runs out.


* Paladin *


Equipments: <Bendicion Blade/Barbuda Armor>


Sanctuary * Level 61 active skill

By consecrating a 6 meter area deals 1484 physical damage removes 1 buffs and make enemies sensitive to holy magic for 22 seconds. Deals 150% damage to demons and undead.


Judgment * Level 65 passive skill

Increases physical attack by 16 and critical rate by 2.


Immortal Faith * Level 69 active skill

Increases Maximum HP by 2797 and HP recovered increased for 60 seconds.


* Buster *


Equipments: <Evlogia T-1 / Alea Armor>


Defect Vision * Level 61 active skill

With trained sniper sight, aims the weak point of the target. All attack skills will hit with 100% probability even if the target’s dodge skill is activated. Applicable for 3 attacks and lasts for 2 minutes.


Fatal Guard * Level 65 passive skill

Increases critical and double attack resistance by 6.


Phantom Buster * Level 69 active skill

Deals 2898 physical damage to enemies within 4 meter radius and 172 add. Damage on every hit for 13 seconds. Has 27 add. Critical rate.


* Blaster *


Equipments: <Nathan Custom X2 / Nidor Armor>


Hydra Shock * Level 61 active skill

Deals 1222 physical damage to target and 152% add. Damage if target Is in stun state.


Fake Sight * Level 65 passive skill

Decreases threat generated by all attacks and actions by 12%


Razing Overhit * Level 69 active skill

Deals 2779 physical damage to all enemies within 4 meter radius of the target.


* Chaos Sorcerer *


Equipments: <La Folia Staff/ Sibils Armor>


Prominence * Level 61 active skill

Deals 1886 magic damage to all enemies within 4 meter radius of the target and stuns for 3 seconds. Deals add. 622 magic damage when stun ends. Add. 472 magic damage dealt to targets under fire debuff.


Focus Magic * Level 65 passive skill

Decreases the chance to be interrupted while casting by 8% and mana consumption for all skills by 6%.


Call Lighting Storm * Level 69 active skill

Summons lightning storm to deal 994 magic damage within 6 meter radius. Decreases move speed and removes multiple defense skills 3 times. Add. 179 magical damage dealt to targets under lightning debuff.


* Saint *


Equipments: <Lachesis Wand / Vovian Armor>

Holy Shield * Level 61 active skill

Generates strong holy shield around self or a friendly target to absorb 4716 magic damage and decreases area damage by 25% for maximum of 1 minute.


Penance * Level 65 passive skill

Increases chance of maximum healing by 23% for spells with above 1 second casting time.


Gloria in Execelsis * Level 69 active skill

Heals all party members within 10 meter radius by 836 every second 10 times. Removes one harmful spell.


3. Battlefield


Prepare for team battles for Battlefield will be included in the major patch!


This area "Hero Square" can be accessed by talking to NPC Friedrich Kroegger in Military District of Regenshein.


4. Recommended Nation System Update


The recommended nation has changed its system, every time you create a character inside the recommended nation, you will receive an item called "New Player Gift Box"



Inside the box contains another box that is only accessible if you already attained the next level needed.



The chain goes on until you receive the gift box for level 60.


5. Lakia Diamond


The Lakia Diamond quest will now be permanent to help those level 50's achieve their class promotions.

For more details regarding Lakia Diamond, please follow the link below:


6. Other Updates


- New Ancient Boss monster for Termes map
- New Castle Siege time slot (to be announced)
- New Elter Arena schedule (to be announced)
- Decreased experience points needed to reach 100% exp for Level 50
- Altar Wars now implemented (schedule to be announced)

Note: Patch information might change without prior notice.



That's all for now, Thank you for your continuous support!
AIKA Global Team